Yuri Cotroneo


Università “Parthenope”

He is a sea-going oceanographer and joined several oceanographic cruises in the Southern Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea. Since he gained his PhD in Polar Sciences in 2009, he was post-doc Research Fellow at University of Naples Parthenope until 2018, when he became a researcher in the same university. He led two research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of University and by the European Union. Additionally, He joins several research teams in the framework of interdisciplinary projects
Skills and expertise
Climate VariabilityClimate SciencePhysical OceanographyClimate DynamicsEnvironmentPhysics of Global WarmingOcean Currents and CirculationClimate ChangeClimateCoastal OceanographyEl Nino-Southern OscillationOceanographic InstrumentationOcean CurrentsOceans and SeasChemical OceanographyWater Color Remote SensingPolar ResearchPolar OceanographyMarine EnvironmentMarine SciencesOcean ColorAir-Sea InteractionMeteorology